About Sarah

What fulfills me is my love of cultivating the essence of an individual and enabling them to move through the blocks in their lives, to come to their place of empowerment and fulfilment, especially with those individuals in leadership and changemaker roles.

I am committed to my own deepening and learning. My strength comes from within my personal values of inclusion, equality, and authenticity. I draw my wisdom from my love of personal development and training, which includes NLP, Mediation, Counselling, Energy Psychology, Restorative Justice, NVC (Nonviolent Communication), and my work in the humanitarian field.

Working with those that are making change in the world matters deeply to me. In the past, this has included organisations such as The Charter for Compassion and Nonviolent Communication.

Picture1 What restores me is my love of the countryside and nature. This has bought me back to the UK, to the West Country where I am from, to enjoy my love of walking on the hills and beaches with my dog and my friends.

Here is a short video of me “walking my OWN talk”!