Project: Nepal [2016]

NEPAL EARTHQUAKE: Trauma Healing Programme
NEPAL 2016: A young Nepalese boy rests outside the remains of his home.

Using very limited funding resources, the Sarah Bird Foundation successfully conducted an international project in Nepal for earthquake survivors, that engaged with 420-430 children, teachers and adults in 5 different locations over the course of 10 days. We received and captured extremely positive feedback from participants (children, school principals, teachers and parents). In addition, we created future opportunities to return to Nepal to continue this work in a number of locations, and in particular in communities in the higher foothills where the devastation and loss of life were great, and for future projects with Cordaid and Caritas, (and discussed the potential for a project working with conflict survivors)

NEPAL 2016: Working with young survivors experiencing emotional trauma from the earthquake.
NEPAL 2016: Working with children and parents experiencing emotional trauma from the earthquake.
Examples of participant feedback:

“Peace of mind, it should be continued”
“Scared talking about earthquake before now, …feels calmer”(Student)
“Happy to learn something new. If I’d have stayed at home, I would have missed out”
“Concentrating on breathing distracts from thinking about the issues” (Teacher)
“Fear has been reduced to zero” (Younger pupil)
“Feeling relaxed, no more tension left” (Older pupil)

A parent, Korina, stated that she “feels lighter, slept very well after the first workshop.”

One participant stated that “stress and pressure is now gone”

Some of the words used to describe how they are feeling included ‘nice’, ‘feeling changes’.

NEPAL 2016: The promotional banner kindly provided to Sarah and the Sarah Bird Foundation by our sponsor colleagues in Bhaktapur.