I provide highly confidential and bespoke Personal Mentoring to Leaders, Professionals and Change Makers.
I work face-to-face, both in person and online.

I am an internationally recognised Personal Mentor and Trusted Advisor, with over 30 years experience specialising in navigating challenging personal life circumstances, building personal resilience, and developing leadership potential, especially with those in highly pressurised environments.

I am also an award-winning Humanitarian who has been recognised for addressing the impact of psychological and emotional stress and trauma arising from combat, conflict, and natural disasters.

Why Mentoring?

Personal Mentoring offers a unique dimension of personal support and empowerment that helps you to address and navigate the challenges in your career and life, using a completely confidential non-judgmental process. Founded on trust, it opens a space within which you can off-load and share your concerns, worries, and personal anxieties. It is flexible, bespoke, and designed to fit into any work or lifestyle schedule. There is a mutual sense of accomplishment and uplift that comes from the give-and-take of mentoring.

Today, many individuals are discovering that personal mentoring is as relevant to their personal development, growth, effectiveness and success, as it has ever been.

Consider these questions…

Are you at a crossroads in your career or in your life?
Is excessive pressure pushing you to your limits?
Would you benefit from support in any of these areas?
Reduced Stress
 Greater Resilience
Increased Confidence
Improved Personal Productivity
Increased Personal Effectiveness
Planning Critical Conversations

As a Personal Mentor and Trusted Advisor, I work with Leaders, Changemakers and Individuals, from all walks of business and life, helping them to identify practical and directive solutions to these questions every day.

How I do it

I bring you deep inside to discover the core of your Being, on a Personal Transformative Journey that enhances who you are and enables you to become the Person, Leader or Change Maker, that you were born to be.

Research shows that we often lose sight of our own inner resources, skills, and talents, during times of stress, anxiety and traumatic experiences. Past experiences, beliefs and conditioning can, and do, interfere with our personal effectiveness, especially if they keep acting as emotional triggers for us.

I help you to define your stressors and challenges, manage their emotional impact, identify your inner resources, and build your resilience.  I also bring insight, common sense, guidance and greater perspective, as we identify impactful ways for you to navigate and find direction

Through the tools and techniques that I use, you will become aware of those emotional triggers and stressors and, working together to address them, we will free you from long-standing discomfort, fears and worries.

Through active listening, and reflecting back to you, the process will widen your periphery, giving you new perspectives, greater confidence, and a deeper understanding and awareness of your unique self.

This in turn will open up clearer channels of communication, connection and decision making, restoring energy and bringing you increased vitality, greater mental clarity and agility, helping you to move forwards and enabling you to manage future stress and challenges more effectively. 

What can we do together to make your life even better than it is right now?

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“I find the essence of mentoring to be a sacred trust in which the personal and the professional, the local and global – partner and support each other. And where neither of these aspects dominate, to the exclusion of the other.

Sarah Bird has brought her blazing vision, her well-honed sense of integrity and indomitable commitment to honouring the work she undertakes. Her remarkable aptitude and the wealth of experience and expertise she has acquired – and continues to build upon – places her at the head of the pack.

She forges ahead, courageously and with compassion; acquiring the necessary skills and experiences on an ongoing basis – in services of the principles and causes she holds dear.

Sarah Bird is a visionary with both feet planted firmly on the ground. We are fortunate to have in our midst a Leader of her outstanding calibre: a person who has consciously chosen to point the way, with both Head and Heart.”

– Dr. Roshan R. Billimoria. Former Chairperson, UN/NGOs, United Nations, NY. 

“Perceptive, incisive style…[Sarah] is able to present with a degree of impartiality. Honest in expressing herself, she is a great communicator who seeks to understand people and what is causing difficulties.”

“Strong, ethical, caring sense. The corporate world badly needs the likes of Sarah.”

– Private Clients

“Sarah gave me invaluable support during a critical period in my career, enabling me to find clarity around communication, and the capacity to establish work-life balance, despite a very pressurised work environment as CEO of a large property development and investment company. She became a trusted advisor and mentor and was a catalyst to me finding and relying on my own strengths and resources.”

CEO, [Property Development & Investment Company]

“I was fortunate to meet Sarah at the time of my appointment to a very fresh and new challenge – among the most stretching of my career. The coaching support I received in this new environment was critical to my having the energy, focus, tools, and personal balance to survive, grow, and achieve success in my new role, probably in that order! In particular Sarah’s skillset and approach helped me improve my own inner awareness, construct appropriate frames of reference to deal with specific challenges and, most of all, ensured that I learned and developed personally and as a leader through the many challenges.” 

Managing Director, [Major Public Technology Company]

“Sarah has led the Executive Mentoring programme sessions throughout the past 4 years and has had such a tremendous impact on all of the women that have come into our programme. We can’t thank Sarah enough for the amount of work that she has done for us and for the women in the programme. Sarah is an extremely dedicated Executive Mentor, and her style is particularly noteworthy. The feedback and reviews from all of the women who have participated in this programme has been extremely positive. With this, we can confidently say she has played a large role in the success of this programme in Dublin. Sarah, you have been such a pleasure to work and collaborate with, and we look forward to continuing to work with you for many years to come. We appreciate all that you have done!” 

Leah DiRenzo,WXN – Womens Executive Network

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